Preview the movie trailer by image recognition

Preview for glass is a future application for Google Glass that changes your movie life. With Preview, when you are go to the theater and look for a good movie, you don't need to take your smartphone out and type a movie title in search box to see if you are interested in it. Preview allows you to watch a movie trailer instantly by just looking at a movie poster.

How to use

On Google Glass home screen, launch Preview by saying "ok glass, preview the movie" and just look at a movie poster. Preview will automatically recognize the image and start the movie trailer in a few seconds. Again, everything happens automatically -- you don't even need to tap your glass!

Preview can recognize most movies now playing in theaters. Also, Preview holds a lot of promise for the future, because the database can be updated remotely with support for more movies as they become available. To quickly see how it works, use the web images on the following links:  RoboCop  Non-Stop  The Wind Rises or you can check the great reviews at TheToy.
1. Turn on the glass
2. Go to the theater
3. Enjoy trailers

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Preview for glass is developed by Takahiro Poly Horikawa and it also works with vibrating panties.
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